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Serving as an important second messenger, calcium ion has unique properties and universal ability to transmit diverse signals that trigger primary physiological actions in cells in response to hormones, pathogens, light, gravity, and stress factors. Being a second messenger of paramount significance, calcium is required at almost all stages of plant growth(More)
Amperometric detection of nitric oxide with ISO-NOPMC NO microsensors (WPI) is systemically studied in the six media including seawater. The linear range of the microsensor for NO was from 10-6 to 10-9 mol/l and the detection limit was 4.2×10-10 mol/L(S/N=2). With this method, we provide preliminary evidence that NO production could be a general attribute(More)
The objective of this study was to locate chromosomes for improving water and phosphorus-deficiency tolerance of wheat at the seedling stage. A set of Chinese Spring-Egyptian Red wheat substitution lines and their parent Chinese Spring (recipient) and Egyptian Red (donor) cultivars were measured to determine the chromosomal locations of genes controlling(More)
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