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Detecting code clones has many software engineering applications. Existing approaches either do not scale to large code bases or are not robust against minor code modifications. In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm for identifying similar subtrees and apply it to tree representations of source code. Our algorithm is based on a novel(More)
Security concerns are becoming increasingly critical in networked systems. Firewalls provide important defense for network security. However, misconfigurations in firewalls are very common and significantly weaken the desired security. This paper introduces FIREMAN, a static analysis toolkit for firewall modeling and analysis. By treating firewall(More)
Web applications are popular targets of security attacks. One common type of such attacks is SQL injection, where an attacker exploits faulty application code to execute maliciously crafted database queries. Bothstatic and dynamic approaches have been proposed to detect or prevent SQL injections; while dynamic approaches provide protection for deployed(More)
Many program analyses are naturally formulated and implemented using inclusion constraints. We present new results on the scalable implementation of such analyses based on two insights: first, that online elimination of cyclic constraints yields orders-of-magnitude improvements in analysis time for large problems; second, that the choice of constraint(More)
Web applications support many of our daily activities, but they often have security problems, and their accessibility makes them easy to exploit. In cross-site scripting (XSS), an attacker exploits the trust a web client (browser) has for a trusted server and executes injected script on the browser with the server's privileges. In 2006, XSS constituted the(More)
Many data-intensive applications dynamically constructqueries in response to client requests and execute them.Java servlets, e.g., can create string representations ofSQL queries and then send the queries, using JDBC, to adatabase server for execution. The servlet programmer enjoysstatic checking via Javaýs strong type system. However,the Java type(More)
Vulnerabilities that allow worms to hijack the control flow of each host that they spread to are typically discovered months before the worm outbreak, but are also typically discovered by third party researchers. A determined attacker could discover vulnerabilities as easily and create zero-day worms for vulnerabilities unknown to network defenses. It is(More)
Web applications routinely handle sensitive data, and many people rely on them to support various daily activities, so errors can have severe and broad-reaching consequences. Unlike most desktop applications, many web applications are written in scripting languages, such as PHP. The dynamic features commonly supported by these languages significantly(More)
Inputs causing a program to fail are usually large and often contain information irrelevant to the failure. It thus helps debugging to simplify program inputs. The Delta Debugging algorithm is a general technique applicable to minimizing all failure-inducing inputs for more effective debugging. In this paper, we present HDD, a simple but effective algorithm(More)