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This paper investigates the integrated inventory and transportation planning under flexible vehicle constraint. To offer better services at lower prices, more and more companies turn to outsource transportation functions to other professional service providers, namely 3rd party logistics companies. Under these vehicle rental arrangements, the number of(More)
Transit network timetabling aims at determining the departure time of each trip of all lines in order to facilitate passengers transferring either to or from a bus. In this paper, we consider a bus timetabling problem with stochastic travel times (BTP-STT). Slack time is added into timetable to mitigate the randomness in bus travel times. We then develop a(More)
In this paper, experimental investigations on discharge characteristics of magnetically enhanced corona discharges for the purpose of capturing fine particles are presented. The discharge mechanism during such a process is analyzed. The effect of magnetic enhancement under positive and negative corona discharges was experimentally compared. The magnetic(More)
In practical applications of data mining, data sets with categorical values are common everywhere. However, most known clustering algorithms are designed for numerical values only, because of their similarity measures. Few algorithms, such as k-modes, are able to deal with this kind of clustering problems using their own similarity measures for categorical(More)
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