Zhendong Mao

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We develop a novel algorithm for detecting salient regions. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the existing methods, five principles for designing salient region detection algorithms are summarized. Based on these principles, we propose a novel method that generates saliency map with highlighted salient regions by utilizing two different(More)
—As a promising paradigm to reduce both capital and operating expenditures, the cloud radio access network (C-RAN) has been shown to provide high spectral efficiency and energy efficiency. Motivated by its significant theoretical performance gains and potential advantages, C-RANs have been advocated by both the industry and research community. This paper(More)
Progressive transmission is very effective to reduce retrieval latency in mobile visual search. However, the acceleration effects of existing progressive transmission strategies are often limited because of the neglect of geometric information in the query image. This paper proposes an effective and efficient geometric context-preserving progressive(More)
Previous research has found that the distance metric for similarity estimation is determined by the underlying data noise distribution. The well known Euclidean(L2) and Manhattan (L1) metrics are then justified when the additive noise are Gaussian and Exponential, respectively. However, finding a suitable distance metric for local features is still a(More)