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With the continuously growing data from scientific devices and models, data exploration becomes one of four kinds of scientific research paradigms. It leads to faster, larger-scale and more complex processing requirements, and parallelism is being more and more important for scientific data analyzing applications. But, because of troubles such as unstable(More)
Recently IT giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM are gearing up to be a part of the Cloud and begin to sell their cloud services. However, the current market trading mechanism is inflexible, and the price is not reasonable enough in some situation. Therefore, we first propose a cloud market framework for people to build a uniform and fully(More)
In the previous years, service oriented architecture and its most famous implementation known as Web service are more and more popular and adopted by many distributed computing systems. The spatial information processing applications are eager for SOA based on-demand computation framework with high performance and low overhead. In this paper, the(More)
Service oriented architecture becomes the mainstream of grid research today. On-demand service, which can provides better flexibility for grid users, is purposed in this paper. According to the research on different implementation policies, on-demand service architectures for virtual machine based on-demand service and service specification reference based(More)
Spatial Information Grid is a kind of application grid which tries to connect resources such as computer, data sources, and processing algorithms, and builds a distributed, robust, flexible and powerful infrastructure for geo-computation. It needs a powerful and easy-to-use running environment. In this paper, an autonomic runtime environment for(More)
Memory gap has become an essential factor influencing the peak performance of high-speed CPU-based systems. To fill this gap, enlarging cache capacity has been a traditional method based on static program locality principle. However, the order of instructions stored in I-Cache before being sent to Data Processing Unit (DPU) is a kind of useful information(More)