Zhenchuan Fan

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A PG-tb1 hapten from the West Beijing strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall has been efficiently synthesized and conjugated to CRM197 in a simple way as linker-equipped carbohydrate by applying squaric acid chemistry for an original neoglycoprotein, creating a potent T-dependent conjugate vaccine. The intermediate monoester can be easily purified(More)
The naturally occurring flavone 8-(6″-umbelliferyl)apigenin, a hybrid structure of apigenin and coumarin, as well as seven of its analogues were synthesized for the first time by using iodination and Suzuki coupling reactions as key steps. The synthesis of 8-(6″-umbelliferyl)-apigenin was achieved in seven linear steps from the commercially available(More)
IFT46 is one of the important components of intraflagellar transport complex B in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and plays important roles in the assembly, movement and perception of ciliary. To study its functional mechanism, a GST-tagged and an MBP-tagged prokaryotic expression plasmid, pGEX-2T-ift46 and pMAL-C2X-ift46 were constructed, respectively, by(More)
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