Zhenchen Wang

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Whilst there is an increasing capability to instrument smart cities using fixed and mobile sensors to produce the big data to better understand and manage transportation use, there still exists a wide gap between the sustainability goals of smart cities, e.g., to promote less private car use at peak times, with respect to their ability to more dynamically(More)
An advanced mobile Web TV platform, called ePlayer, is presented. The ePlayer allows mobile phone users to personalise live sports events viewing experience. The platform features automatic video content annotation, user preference matching to video content and dynamic adaptation to the end user environment (including terminal and network capabilities). The(More)
An innovative Internet streaming video player, called ePlayer, oriented to live events, has been researched, developed and evaluated. ePlayer supports a personalised zoomable user interface which enables a new user view experience. The main novelty of the system is first that it is designed to optimise the zoomed video quality when viewing life events, via(More)
The research community is showing a growing interest in gamification and there are works showing the usefulness of gamification in different problem domains. Recently, a special interest has been given to the gamification design on systems addressing natural resource consumption issues such as to encourage efficient household water consumption. Despite the(More)
  • Zhenchen Wang
  • 2013 Seventh International Conference on Complex…
  • 2013
An innovative Internet streaming video player, we call ePlayer, that supports personalised camera switching for live events has been researched, developed and evaluated. The main novelty of the system is that in dispensing the available bandwidth amongst multiple input video streams it can automatically coordinate and preserve the video quality across(More)
An event user task modelling methodology for personalising interactive video streaming is defined. This methodology facilitates the creation of interactive user tasks initiated via prospective user interfaces across heterogeneous video streaming access devices. The novelty of the method is threefold: its independence from specific user terminals;(More)