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Single-sideband (SSB) direct-detection optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) transmission is experimentally demonstrated in a system with 125 km fiber length, which does not need a guard band between the carrier and the OFDM band. The waveforms of compatible SSB modulation are analytically derived and realized through a single(More)
Memory leaks are a common type of defect that is hard to detect manually. Existing memory leak detection tools suffer from lack of precise interprocedural analysis and path-sensitivity. To address this problem, we present a static interprocedural analysis algorithm, that performs fully pathsensitive analysis and captures precise function behaviors, to(More)
Symbolic analysis is a commonly used approach for static bug finding. It usually performs a precise path-by-path symbolic simulation from program inputs. A major challenge is its scalability and precision on interprocedural analysis. The former limits the application to large programs. The latter may lead to many false alarms. This paper presents a(More)
We demonstrate an optical orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OOFDM) transmitter using a simple dual-electrode Mach- Zehnder modulator (MZM) to perform tandem single-sideband optical modulation. This allows a doubling of transmission capacity. A commercial optical transmitter card, equipped with an on-board arbitrary waveform generator, is used for the(More)
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