Zhen-zhong Yang

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AIM Xiao-Ke-An (XKA) is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D), and the effective ingredients and their targets as well as the mechanisms of XKA remain to be elucidated. In this study we investigated the therapeutic mechanisms of XKA in the treatment of T2D in mice using a Fangjiomics approach. METHODS KKAy(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy and safety of percutaneous cryoablation (PCC) and (125)I seed implantation combined with chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer. METHODS Sixty-seven patients with advanced pancreatic cancer (6 in stage III, 61 in stage IV) received PCC and (125)I seed implantation combined with concomitant gemcitabine hydrochloride(More)
Exposure to thermal environment is one of the main concerns for manned space exploration. By focusing on the works performed on thermoregulation at microgravity or simulated microgravity, we endeavored to review the investigation on space thermal environmental physiology. First of all, the application of medical requirements for the crew module design from(More)
Rechargeable magnesium batteries have attracted recent research attention because of abundant raw materials and their relatively low-price and high-safety characteristics. However, the sluggish kinetics of the intercalated Mg(2+) ions in the electrode materials originates from the high polarizing ability of the Mg(2+) ion and hinders its electrochemical(More)
The key factors governing the single-phase or multi-phase structural change behaviors during the intercalation/deintercalation of guest ions have not been well studied and understood yet. Through systematic studies of orthorhombic Fe2(MoO4)3 electrode, two distinct guest ion occupation paths, namely discrete one for Li and pseudo-continuous one for Na, as(More)
An advanced architecture design of nitrogen-doped TiO2 anchored on nitrogen-doped 3D graphene framework composites (denoted as N-TiO2 /N-3D GFs) have been fabricated by a facile template process and further NH3 treatment. The 3D graphene framework allows the electrolyte to penetrate into the inverse opal structure, and possesses high electronic(More)
OBJECTIVE To overcome the deficiency in the current therapies for erectile dysfunction (ED), we designed and synthesized a novel high-efficiency polymer/gene compound drug controlled release system and discussed the feasibility of pH and temperature dually sensitive injectable hydrogel in ED gene therapy. METHODS We synthesized optimal siRNA gene(More)
Author: Bimetallic platinum-nickel (Pt-Ni) alloys as oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysts show genuine potential to boost widespread use of low-temperature fuel cells in vehicles by virtue of their high catalytic activity. However, their practical implementation encounters primary challenges in structural and catalytic durability caused by the(More)
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