Zhen-xing Huang

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It has been established that hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment reduces brain edema, decreases infarct volume, contributes to neurological functional recovery and suppresses apoptosis in suture-induced focal cerebral ischemic animal models. In the present study, we evaluated the therapeutic effect of HBO in an endothelin-1-induced focal cerebral ischemia in(More)
OBJECTIVES Aberrant circulating adipokines are considered to be related to the pathological mechanism of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This study aims to evaluate the relationship between plasma omentin-1 levels, metabolic and hormonal parameters in the setting of non-obese Chinese women with PCOS. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a case-controlled,(More)
BACKGROUND The relation between the ABCB1 and CYP7A1 genes and serum lipid levels and lipid-lowering efficacy of statin treatment is inconsistent. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this meta-analysis was to explore the associations between the ABCB1 and CYP7A1 genes and serum lipid levels and lipid-lowering efficacy of statin treatment. METHODS MEDLINE, EMBASE,(More)
Oxidation kinetics and degradation pathways of phenazone (an analgesic and antipyretic drug) upon reaction with O3 were investigated. Kinetic studies on degradation of phenazone were carried out under different operating conditions such as temperature, pH, anions and H2O2 addition. Results showed that the degradation followed the pseudo-first-order kinetic(More)
A laboratory-scale internal circulation (IC) anaerobic reactor fed with brewery wastewater was operated at 35 degrees C + 1 degrees C. The influent was pumped into the bottom of the IC reactor by a pulse pump, whereas the effluent was drawn from the upper outlet and allowed to flow into the effluent tank. The biogas volume was recorded using a gas container(More)
A lab-scale internal circulation reactor (IC) fed by artificial brewery wastewater was operated with increasing volumetric loading rate under 35 degrees C continuously. The reactor performance and the relationship between microbial community structure and bioactivity in the anaerobic sludge were investigated during the operation. The COD removal efficiency(More)
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