Zhen-long Wang

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Orbitally shaken cylindrical bioreactors [OrbShake bioreactors (OSRs)] without an impeller or sparger are increasingly being used for the suspension cultivation of mammalian cells. Among small volume OSRs, 50-mL tubes with a ventilated cap (OSR50), originally derived from standard laboratory centrifuge tubes with a conical bottom, have found many(More)
A semi-greenhouse study was conducted to understand the effects of soil burial depth on seed germination and seedling development. The seeds of wild apricot (Prunus armeniaca) were buried at the soil depths of 0-cm, 4-cm, 8-cm, and 12-cm, respectively, to simulate the seed hoarding behavior of rodents in the field. The results revealed that the rates of(More)
Defect images segmentation results play an important role in the precision of classification in the automatic strip surface inspection system (SIS). In order to obtain a better result, a method based on local defect gray distribution information is presented in this paper. Though defect objects show different appearance and complicated gray level(More)
This paper presents a new kind of multi-axis electro-discharge machining (EDM) computer numerical control (CNC) system which is based on RT Linux platform. Dual-kernel structure of EDM CNC System is proposed to realize real-time task and timesharing task separately. The whole system consists of Real-time Control Module, Drive Module, CNC User Module and(More)
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