Zhen-huan Teng

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It is proved that for scalar conservation laws, if the flux function is strictly convex, and if the entropy solution is piecewise smooth with finitely many discontinuities (which includes initial central rarefaction waves, initial shocks, possible spontaneous formation of shocks in a future time and interactions of all these patterns), then the error of(More)
In this paper we address the questions of the convergence rate for approximate solutions to conservation laws with piecewise smooth solutions in a weighted W 1,1 space. Convergence rate for the derivative of the approximate solutions is established under the assumption that a weak pointwise-error estimate is given. In other words, we are able to convert(More)
The initial value problem of convex conservation laws, which includes the famous Burgers' (inviscid) equation, plays an important rule not only in theoretical analysis for conservation laws, but also in numerical computations for various numerical methods. For example, the initial value problem of the Burgers' equation is one of the most popular benchmarks(More)
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