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This paper discusses the application of virtual reality technology in the 3-D visible human body and acupuncture research. Based on the 3-D visible human fused with the localization information and hierarchy of acupoints, the paper analyzes the force against the needle and haptic rendering during the needle manipulation according to the physical properties(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the mechanical virtual reality when acupuncture on Jianliao (TE 14) so as to get perform perceptual knowledge of acupuncture for beginners through studying 3D reconstruction of surrounding tissues of this acupoint. METHODS Related tissues were segmented and reconstructed by establishing mathematics model based on the operational(More)
Acupuncture manipulations on Fengchi (GB 20) of famous doctors were taken through force feedback device, then the data was input into a digitized virtual human. Virtual Fengchi (GB 20) acupuncture force feedback simulation system was built through the virtual reality technology to achieve one-to-one high simulative manipulation effect for acupuncture(More)
This paper proposed a method of integrated progress control on aviation manufacturing projects. By analyzing the background of aviation manufacturing, the model of integrated progress control was presented, in which the indexes of the duration, cost and quality are integrated into scheduling plan. Based on the model, regarding Manufacturing Bill of(More)
By comparing and analyzing the similarity among the international scalp acupuncture, JIAO's scalp acupuncture and ZHU's scalp acupuncture, it is believed that the international scalp acupuncture is a combination of traditional acupuncture and other scalp acupuncture on the basis of channel theory of TCM, and this combination is worthy of discussion. However(More)
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