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We report a stable optical fiber pumped Nd:YVO4 all solid state regenerative amplifier with all fiber picosecond laser as seed source. 888 nm Yb optical fiber lasers was chosen as pump source to reduce quantum defect for improved thermal performance. At the repetition rate of 99.6 kHz, maximum power of 19.63 W with 36 ps pulse duration were achieved when(More)
The Rb(5Dj )+H2-->RbH[X 1sigma+(v"==0)]+H photochemical reaction was studied in a cell experiment applying a laser pump-absorption technique. Using two-photon excitation of the Rb5 (2)D atomic level in a Rb-H2 vapor mixture, the resulting fluorescence includes a direct component arising from the optically excited state and a sensitized component due to the(More)
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