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Commercially activated carbon as the source for producing multicolor photoluminescent carbon dots by chemical oxidation.
Using commercially activated carbon, we developed a simple and effective direct chemical oxidation route to prepare good biocompatible multicolor photoluminescent carbon dots.
Thiolate ligands as a double-edged sword for CO oxidation on CeO2 supported Au25(SCH2CH2Ph)18 nanoclusters.
Isotopic labeling experiments clearly indicate that CO oxidation on the Au25(SR)18/CeO2 rod catalyst proceeds predominantly via the redox mechanism where CeO2 activates O2 while CO is activated on the dethiolated gold sites.
Rapid and substrate-independent layer-by-layer fabrication of antireflection- and antifogging-integrated coatings
The antireflection- and antifogging-integrated coatings are widely useful in daily life because they can effectively enhance the transmission of light and meanwhile considerably prevent water
A long-life lithium-ion battery with a highly porous TiNb2O7 anode for large-scale electrical energy storage
A high performance TiNb2O7 anode material with a nanoporous nature, which was prepared by a facile approach, exhibits an average storage voltage of 1.66 V, a reversible capacity of 281 mA h g−1, and
Controlled synthesis of mesoporous carbon nanostructures via a "silica-assisted" strategy.
A facile and generalizable "silica-assisted" synthesis for diverse carbon spheres is established by using phenolic resols as a polymer precursor, silicate oligomers as an inorganic precursor, and hexadecyl trimethylammoniumchloride as a template.
Porous liquids: a promising class of media for gas separation.
This unique porous liquid can function as a promising candidate for gas separation and can be further extended to the fabrication of other types of nanostructure-based porous liquid, opening up new opportunities for preparation of porous liquids with attractive properties for specific tasks.
Polymeric molecular sieve membranes via in situ cross-linking of non-porous polymer membrane templates.
In situ cross-linking strategy for the preparation of polymeric molecular sieve membranes with hierarchical and tailorable porosity is reported, which could provide a possible alternative to 'classical' methods for the Preparation of porous membranes and, in some cases, the only viable synthetic route towards certain membranes.
Mesoporous Carbon Nanospheres as a Multifunctional Carrier for Cancer Theranostics
The high drug loading capacity, superior photothermal and photoacoustic generation, together with the apparent chemo-photothermal therapeutic effect, make Meso-CNs a promising platform for cancer theranostics.
Cooperative adsorbent based on mesoporous SiO2 for organic pollutants in water
Cooperative adsorbents, designed on the basis of molecular structural features of targeted pollutant, were made by simultaneous grafting of two different organic functional groups on mesoporous SiO2
Architecture of yolk-shell structured mesoporous silica nanospheres for catalytic applications.
Yolk-shell structured PMO@SiO2 nanoparticles can be precisely functionalized with different catalytic functionalities, even incompatible acidic and basic groups: the PMO core with amino (-NH2) groups and the mesoporous silica shell with sulfonic acid (-SO3H) groups.