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From the view of business process, we analyze and design the workflow management system for virtual enterprise (VE), which is distinguished from traditional management of enterprise based on division of function module. Mobile intelligent agent is the basic unit for the management of business processes that realizes the independence and autonomy of dynamic(More)
A perfluorodiphenylphosphinic acid lanthanide (Er or Er-Yb) complex is synthesized by a one-pot process from perfluorotriphenylphosphine oxide and lanthanide (Er or Er-Yb) chloride; the photoluminescence quantum efficiency reaches 0.98% for the erbium complex and 3.5% for the erbium-ytterbium complex, about 50 times and 175 times, respectively, higher than(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Even though various experimental therapeutic approaches for chronic hepatitis B infection have been reported, few of them have been verified by clinical trials. We have developed an antigen-antibody (HBsAg-HBIG) immunogenic complex therapeutic vaccine candidate with alum as adjuvant (YIC), aimed at breaking immune tolerance to HBV by(More)
Vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-H+-ATPase) has been proved to be of importance in maintenance of ion homeostasis inside plant cells under NaCl stress. In this study, the expression levels and salt-tolerate function of V-H+-ATPase genes were investigated in the roots and leaves of a halotolerate peppermint (Mentha × piperita L.) Keyuan-1 treated with different(More)
Small-molecule-linked DNA has emerged as a versatile tool for the interaction assay between small organic molecules and their protein receptors. We report herein the proof-of-principle of a terminal protection assay of small-molecule-linked DNA. This assay is based on our new finding that single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) terminally tethered to a small molecule(More)
We report the design and preparation of graphene and polyaniline (PANI) woven-fabric composite films by in situ electropolymerization. The introduction of PANI greatly improves the electrochemical properties of solid-state supercapacitors which possess capacitances as high as 23 mF cm(-2), and exhibit excellent cycling stability with ∼ 100% capacitance(More)
Activity screening of histone-modifying enzymes is of paramount importance for epigenetic research as well as clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. A novel biosensing strategy has been developed for sensitive and selective detection of histone-modifying enzymes as well as their inhibitors. This strategy relies on the antibody-mediated assembly of gold(More)
Based on LiDAR data of Liangshui National Nature Reserve, digital elevation model (DEM) was constructed and both primary terrain attributes (slope, aspect, profile curvature, etc.) and secondary terrain attributes (wetness index, sediment transport index, relative stream power index, etc.) were extracted. According to the theory of soil formation,(More)
In this paper, we develop an analytical model of an integrated acousto-optical (AO) device with arms modulated by a single surface acoustic wave beam. A comparison between one-arm and two-arm modulation is presented, which shows that two-arm modulation can significantly enhance modulation efficiency by an optimized design. A detailed analysis of the(More)
This paper reported a novel homogeneous fluorescence assay strategy for probing small molecule-protein interactions based on endonucleolytic inhibition of a DNA/Fok I transducer. The transducer could cyclically cleave fluorescence-quenched probes to yield activated fluorescence signal, while protein binding to the small molecule label would prevent Fok I(More)