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In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for restoration of noisy video sequences. A video sequence is first transformed into an optimal 3D wavelet domain using basis functions adapted to the contents of the sequence. Assuming that all the major spatiotemporal frequency phenomena present in the sequence produce high amplitude transform coefficients , a(More)
A hybrid video coding scheme which combines fractal coding with neighbourhood vector quantisation is reported. While fractal coding exploits the redundancy present in different scales, neighbourhood vector quantisation, as a generalisation of translational motion compensation, is a useful method for removing both intra and inter-frame coher-ences. The(More)
This paper presents AOP++, a generic aspect-oriented programming framework in C++. It successfully incorporates AOP with object-oriented programming as well as generic programming naturally in the framework of standard C++. It innovatively makes use of C++ templates to express pointcut expressions and match join points at compile time. It innovatively(More)
Maintenance and release of seed dormancy is regulated by plant hormones; their levels and seed sensitivity being the critical factors. This study reports transcriptional regulation of brassinosteroids (BR), ethylene (ET), cytokinin (CK) and salicylic acid (SA) related wheat genes by after-ripening, a period of dry storage that decays dormancy. Changes in(More)
On the basis of scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) measurements in contact and lift modes, the low-frequency acoustic phonon temperature in electrically biased, 6.7-9.7 μm long graphene channels is found to be in equilibrium with the anharmonic scattering temperature determined from the Raman 2D peak position. With ∼100 nm scale spatial resolution, the SThM(More)
Comparing protein structures in three dimensions is a computationally expensive process that makes a full scan of a protein against a library of known protein structures impractical. To reduce the cost, we can use an approximation of the three dimensional structure that allows protein comparison to be performed quickly to filter away dissimilar proteins. In(More)