Zhen-Xing Zhang

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In past years, the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has been applied to select features for classification applications. This paper presents a performance comparison between PCA and Non-overlap Area Distribution Measurement (NADM), which is based on a neural fuzzy network. This paper performs an experiment on Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) and Ventricular(More)
This paper presents a real-time algorithm for a mobile cardiac monitoring system to detect life-threatening arrhythmias. This detection algorithm focuses on two life-threatening arrhythmias ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation (VT/VF), which are detected through the application of pre-detection processing and main detection processing. In pre-detection(More)
Emotion recognition based on a speech signal is one of the intensively studied research topics in the domains of human-computer interaction and affective computing. The presented paper is concerned with emotional-speech recognition based on the neuro-fuzzy network with a weighted fuzzy membership function (NEWFM). NEWFM has a feature selection method and(More)
The ventricular arrhythmias including ventricular tachycardia (VT) and ventricular fibrillation (VF) are life-threatening heart diseases. This paper presents an approach to detect normal sinus rhythm (NSR) and VF/VT using the neural network with weighted fuzzy membership functions (NEWFM). NEWFM classifies NSR and VF/VT beats by the trained bounded sum of(More)
Recent research indicates a significant association that the severity of fatigue and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by analyzing the heart rate variability (HRV). In order to detect fatigue, an experiment that provides the subjects with some affective contents that can induce the variety of emotions and ANS was designed in this study. Each subject(More)
This paper compares the forecasting performance of the feature extraction using the principal component analysis (PCA) that is one of the oldest and best known techniques in multivariate analysis with the feature selection using the non-overlap area distribution measurement method based on the neural network with weighted fuzzy membership functions (NEWFM).(More)
Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is an important risk factor for primary Ventricular Fibrillation (VF). This paper presents a prediction algorithm of VF based on Cloud-Mobile Healthcare platform. This algorithm applies heart rate variability (HRV) features and neural fuzzy network. The neural fuzzy network's input features are obtained by linear and nonlinear(More)
Emotion recognition has been a popular topic of human-computer interaction and affective computing. In this paper, 2-D visual emotion recognition model is put forward which takes neural fuzzy network as the theoretical basis. The model is designed for make classification of four types of emotion-related voice signals. A high accuracy of 85% is realized by(More)