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There are many methods for making a multicast protocol “reliable.” At one end of the spectrum, a reliable multicast protocol might offer tomicity guarantees, such as all-or-nothing delivery, delivery ordering, and perhaps additional properties such as virtually synchronous addressing. At the other are protocols that use local repair to overcome(More)
Existing studies on BitTorrent systems are single-torrent based, while more than 85% of all peers participate in multiple torrents according to our trace analysis. In addition, these studies are not sufficiently insightful and accurate even for single-torrent models, due to some unrealistic assumptions. Our analysis of representative Bit-Torrent traffic(More)
The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) plays a crucial role in the delivery of traffic in the Internet. Fluctuations in BGP routes cause degradation in user performance, increased processing load on routers, and changes in the distribution of traffic load over the network. Although earlier studies have raised concern that BGP routes change quite often, previous(More)
This paper presents a performance study of BitTorrent-like P2P systems by modeling, based on extensive measurements and trace analysis. Existing studies on BitTorrent systems are single-torrent based and usually assume the process of request arrivals to a torrent is Poisson-like. However, in reality, most BitTorrent peers participate in multiple torrents(More)
Content delivery networks (CDNs) improve the scalability of accessing static and, recently, streaming content. However, proxy caching can improve access to these types of content as well. A unique value of CDNs is therefore in improving performance of accesses to dynamic content and other computer applications. We describe an architecture, algorithms, and a(More)
MapReduce is a widely used parallel computing framework for large scale data processing. The two major performance metrics in MapReduce are job execution time and cluster throughput. They can be seriously impacted by straggler machines— machines on which tasks take an unusually long time to finish. Speculative execution is a common approach for dealing with(More)
Edge-Side Includes (ESI) is an open mark-up language that allows content providers to break their pages into fragments with individual caching characteristics. A page is reassembled from ESI fragments by a content delivery network (CDN) at an edge server, which selectively downloads from the origin content server only those fragments that are necessary (as(More)
Modern Internet streaming services have utilized various techniques to improve the quality of streaming media delivery. Despite the characterization of media access patterns and user behaviors in many measurement studies, few studies have focused on the streaming techniques themselves, particularly on the quality of streaming experiences they offer end(More)
Data center applications present significant opportunities for multiplexing server resources. Virtualization technology makes it easy to move running application across physical machines. In this paper, we present an approach that uses virtualization technology to allocate data center resources dynamically based on application demands and support green(More)
This paper presents a systematic study of the properties of a large number of Web sites hosted by a major ISP. To our knowledge, ours is the first comprehensive study of a large server farm that contains thousands of commercial Web sites. We also perform a simulation analysis to estimate potential performance benefits of content delivery networks (CDNs) for(More)