Zhen-Xi Shen

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Uncertainties about the response of plant photosynthesis and growth to elevated temperature make it difficult to predict how plant production will vary under future climatic warming in alpine regions. Here, we used a meta-analysis approach to synthesize 272 observations from 27 studies on the Tibetan Plateau. Warming significantly increased aboveground(More)
Although alpine meadows of Tibet are expected to be strongly affected by climatic warming, it remains unclear how soil organic C (SOC), total N (TN), ammonium N (NH4 (+)-N) , nitrate N (NO3 (+)-N), and dissolved organic C (DOC) and N (DON) respond to warming. This study aims to investigate the responses of these C and N pools to short-term experimental(More)
To identify the general effects of nitrogen addition on alpine plants, we used a meta-analysis approach to synthesize 599 observations from 51 studies on the Tibetan Plateau. Nitrogen addition significantly increased plant height by 19.0 %, plant biomass by 29.7 %, graminoid aboveground biomass by 89.8 %, and sedge aboveground biomass by 75.6 % but(More)
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