Zhen-Wei Yu

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In mobile grid environment, intermittent connectivity of mobile device brings large challenge for schedule. Based on distributed schedule model, the problem of task schedule in mobile grid is formulated. MGRR algorithm is presented for scheduling independent tasks with same length onto mobile grid with dynamic performance resources. Making use of(More)
The paper mainly presents the analytical discussion of MANET and network survivability research that have been done so far. As MANET were open and complex, system hierarchical model was provided, which converted the traditional survivability analysis into hierarchical relation between the key services and the atomic components. This analysis can be applied(More)
LDT and LDT-P Algorithms are proposed, which fit for linear and parallel service composition respectively .Composition Agent is responsible for searching components and generating a least delay tree. Then candidate paths are found by visiting the tree nodes with the depth-first traversal scheme. At last a path is selected for composed service considering(More)
Considering heterogeneity of mobile grid, structured routing protocol (HASR) is presented. Firstly it takes heterogeneity into account from point of coarse-grained view. All nodes are divided into general nodes and agent nodes. Agent nodes constitute kernel overlay network which performs routing function. Secondly HASR takes heterogeneity of agent nodes(More)
This work proposes a model for stochastic CSCWD network simulation of exact average degree (EAD) including the following contents: regional distribution of stochastic nodes, selection of core nodes and CSCWD overlay functional nodes, deduction of new probability connectivity formula, classifying and restricting strategy of increasing degree, fast(More)
This paper introduces QoS attributes into the P2P network and proposes a service composition model, then gives a computing method of service composition. Then, we adopt a Lagrangian relaxtion algorithm, providing an approach to satisfy the customer¿s service level agreement. Finally, a set of experiments show that the proposed model and algorithms can(More)
Route optimization provides a short path between the mobile node and the correspondent node in mobile IPv6 protocol and makes them communicate efficiently. Some insider attacks were found while analyzing vulnerability of the route optimization. The simulation experiment shows that the insider attacks make the mobile node fail in using optimized route, and(More)
In accordance with the definition and characteristics of the network storage system survivability, Indexes including reliability, availability, integrality and confidentiality are selected to evaluate the survivability of the network storage system. First a quantitative evaluation method based on grey relation analysis about the network storage system(More)
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