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The mitochondrial genome (mtGenome) has been little studied in the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), a species for which there is no publicly available mtGenome sequence. Here, we used PCR-based methods with 19 pairs of primers designed from the chicken and other species to develop a complete turkey mtGenome sequence. The entire sequence (16,717 bp) of the(More)
A transient CO(2) burst is exhibited by irradiated leaves of the C(3) plant geranium (Pelargonium X hortorum, Bailey) after the irradiance is quickly lowered. The light CO(2) burst appears to be related to photorespiration because of its irradiance dependency and its sensitivity to other environmental components such as CO(2) and O(2) concentration. The(More)
As leaf irradiance is decreased in increments, a single transient CO(2) burst is exhibited by C(3) plant leaves. This post-lower illumination CO(2) burst (PLIB) is sensitive to changes in irradiance, to changes in the concentrations of O(2) and CO(2), and to temperature. Increasing O(2) concentrations above ambient produces a progressively larger PLIB while(More)
Human mobility data has been ubiquitously collected through cellular networks and mobile applications, and publicly released for academic research and commercial purposes for the last decade. Since releasing individual's mobility records usually gives rise to privacy issues, datasets owners tend to only publish aggregated mobility data, such as the number(More)
Epidemiological survey of filariasis in Fujian Province, China showed that malayan filariasis, transmitted by Anopheles lesteri anthropophagus was mainly distributed in the northwest part and bancroftian filariasis with Culex quinquefasciatus as vector, in middle and south coastal regions. Both species of filariae showed typical nocturnal periodicity.(More)
This paper reports clinical observations made during experimental Brugia malayi infection in man. This was induced by 52 infective larvae-carrying mosquitoes, Anopheles sinensis. A monkey, Maccaca mulatta, was inoculated with infective larvae from the mosquitoes infected with nocturnally periodic type of B. malayi from patients. Six months later, the monkey(More)
The hypothesis we propose is that during photosynthesis the balance between potentially detrimental and beneficial photochemically induced events can be tipped beneficially toward increased photosynthesis and toward increased crop yield. To test this hypothesis a procedure has been devised with the rice plant, Oryza sativa, that has resulted in increasing(More)
An understanding of these topics may be more effectively communicated to exhibitors, and the increasing population of backyard poultry owners, if it is known where poultry extension specialists should begin the education process. The information discovered in the course of this survey will be used to develop extension materials and continuing education(More)
Nowadays, human trajectories are widely collected and utilized for scientific research and business purpose. However, publishing trajectory data without proper handling might cause severe privacy leakage. A large body of works are dedicated to merging one's trajectory with others', so as to avoid any individual trajectory being re-identified. Yet their(More)