Zhen-Sheng Guo

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Legacy application systems have been widely used by user communities, and by individual users. They are currently providing a variety of functions required by system development requirements. For the development of a new 3D system using such legacy systems, we need both (i) the migration of legacy systems into a new 3D system environment, and (ii)(More)
We developed a generic application framework for integrating a legacy 2D geographic information system (GIS) with 3D visual geographic simulation systems. Our framework provides a set of 3D visual components required for the development of a new interactive 3D visual geographic simulation integrated with GIS functions. Our integration framework provides two(More)
There is an increasing demand for 3D geographic simulation systems. Most systems currently available are closed and based on fixed architectures. Some systems allow us to develop and customize a 3D geographic simulation system, but this usually requires the writing of extensive program code. Especially in 3D geodisaster simulations, for example, we need to(More)
Disaster management requires the ad-hoc integration of different types of geo-information from different sources. In recent years, Web services have become important, since they dynamically provide up-to-date information about disasters. This paper proposes a generic application framework for the integration of geo-information Web services with 3D(More)
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