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As computing technologies develop, there is a trend in traffic simulation research in which the focus is moving from macro- and meso-simulation to micro-simulation since microsimulation can provide more detailed quantitative results. Moreover, the success of the Artificial societies-Computational experiments-Parallel execution (ACP) approach indicates that(More)
With the advantage of simulating the details of a transportation system, the “microsimulation” of a traffic system has long been a hot topic in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) research. The Cellular Automata (CA) and the Multi-Agent System (MAS) modeling are two typical methods for the traffic microsimulation. However, the(More)
BACKGROUND Cell lines constitute a powerful model to study cancer, and here we describe three new epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) cell lines derived from poorly differentiated serous solid tumors (TOV-1946, and TOV-2223G), as well as the matched ascites for one case (OV-1946). METHODS In addition to growth parameters, the cell lines were characterized for(More)
The article focuses on the C part of the ACP approach. The ACP approach comprises of artificial societies, computational experiments, and parallel execution of real and artificial systems. It explains the advantages of cloud computing and GPUs and presents the architectures of GPU-based cloud computing for transportation systems.
Traffic micro-simulation is an important tool in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) research. In the microsimulation, a bottom up system can be built up by the interactions of vehicle agents, road agents, traffic lights agents, etc. The Artificial societies, Computational experiments, and Parallel execution (ACP) approach suggests integrating(More)
Spatiotemporal control of singlet oxygen ((1)O2) release is a major challenge for photodynamic therapy (PDT) against cancer with high therapeutic efficacy and minimum side effects. Here a selenium-rubyrin (NMe2Se4N2)-loaded nanoparticle functionalized with folate (FA) was designed and synthesized as an acidic pH-activatable targeted photosensitizer. The(More)
This paper focuses on the performance evaluation of complex man-made systems, such as assembly lines, electric power grid, traffic systems, and various paper processing bureaucracies, etc. For such problems, applying the traditional optimization tool of mathematical programming and gradient descent procedures of continuous variables optimization are often(More)
BACKGROUND The 3398delAAAAG mutation in BRCA2 was recently found to recur in breast and/or ovarian cancer families from the French Canadian population of Quebec, a population that has genetic attributes consistent with a founder effect. To characterize the contribution of this mutation in this population, this study established the frequency of this(More)