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An adaptive spline method for smoothing is proposed which combines features from both regression spline and smoothing spline approaches. One of its advantages is the ability to vary the amount of smoothing in response to the inhomogeneous \curvature" of true functions at diierent locations. This method can be applied to many multivariate function estimation(More)
Residents of the Tibetan Plateau show heritable adaptations to extreme altitude. We sequenced 50 exomes of ethnic Tibetans, encompassing coding sequences of 92% of human genes, with an average coverage of 18x per individual. Genes showing population-specific allele frequency changes, which represent strong candidates for altitude adaptation, were(More)
ÐThe speed of arithmetic calculations in configurable hardware is limited by carry propagation, even with the dedicated hardware found in recent FPGAs. This paper proposes and evaluates an approach called delayed addition that reduces the carry-propagation bottleneck and improves the performance of arithmetic calculations. Our approach employs the idea used(More)
A new split-root system was established through grafting to study cotton response to non-uniform salinity. Each root half was treated with either uniform (100/100 mM) or non-uniform NaCl concentrations (0/200 and 50/150 mM). In contrast to uniform control, non-uniform salinity treatment improved plant growth and water use, with more water absorbed from the(More)
Ethernet is a de factor standard in LAN and now has spread its territory into backbone networks. To get better performance in there, many spanning tree based routing standards or protocols have been proposed, such as multiple spanning tree protocol(MSTP) and the shortest path bridging(SPB). This paper focuses on the SPB routing, and introduces EDSPB that(More)
OBJECTIVES The trail investigated the effect of small dose sufentanil or fentanyl administrated before the end of surgery in reducing the incidence of emergence agitation after anesthesia with sevoflurane in preschool children undergoing ophthalmology surgery, and the incidence of emergence agitation of sevoflurane anesthesia. METHODS From September 2011(More)
A new method, smoothing spline ANOVA, for combining station records of surface air temperature to get the estimates of regional averages as well as gridpoint values is proposed. This method is closely related to the optimal interpolation (also optimal averaging) method. It may be viewed as a generalization of these methods from spatial interpolation methods(More)
A computational scheme for fitting smoothing spline ANOVA models to large data sets with a (near) tensor product design is proposed. Such data sets are common in spatial-temporal analyses. The proposed scheme uses the backfitting algorithm to take advantage of the tensor product design to save both computational memory and time. Several ways to further(More)