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— We study the throughput capacity of hybrid wireless networks. A hybrid network is formed by placing a sparse network of base stations in an ad hoc network. These base stations are assumed to be connected by a high-bandwidth wired network and act as relays for wireless nodes. They are not data sources nor data receivers. Hybrid networks present a tradeoff(More)
In this paper, a new encoding approach is proposed to control the JPEG2000 encoding in order to reach a desired perceptual quality. The new method is based on a vision model that incorporates various masking effects of human visual perception and a perceptual distortion metric that takes spatial and spectral summation of individual quantization errors into(More)
L-type amino acid transporter-1 (LAT1) transports large, branched-chain, aromatic and neutral amino acids. About 64 Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire pigs were used to study the effects of dietary crude protein (CP), energy and arginine on LAT1 expression in forebrain. The results showed that LAT1 expression in forebrain was sensitive to different levels of CP,(More)
Statistical experimental designs were applied for the optimization of phytase production by a marine yeast Kodamaea ohmeri BG3 in a cost-effective oats medium. Using Plackett-Burman design, oats, ammonium sulfate and initial pH were identified as significant factors and these factors were subsequently optimized using a central composite design (CCD). The(More)