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The overwhelming success of the Web as a mechanism for facilitating information retrieval and for conducting business transactions has ledto an increase in the deployment of complex enterprise applications. These applications typically run on Web Application Servers, which assume the burden of managing many tasks, such as concurrency, memory management,(More)
In this paper, a new encoding approach is proposed to control the JPEG2000 encoding in order to reach a desired perceptual quality. The new method is based on a vision model that incorporates various masking effects of human visual perception and a perceptual distortion metric that takes spatial and spectral summation of individual quantization errors into(More)
Routing problems in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) have been receiving increasing attention in the last few years. Most of the proposed routing protocols concentrate on finding and maintaining routes in the face of changing topology caused by mobility or other environmental changes. More recently, power-aware routing protocols and topology control(More)
A number of mobility models have been proposed for the purpose of either analyzing or simulating the movement of users in a mobile wireless network. Two of the more popular are the random waypoint and the random direction models. The random waypoint model is physically appealing but difficult to understand. Although the random direction model is less(More)
We consider the problem of evaluating multiple overlapping queries defined on data streams, where each query is a conjunction of multiple filters and each filter may be shared across multiple queries. Efficient support for overlapping queries is a critical issue in the emerging data stream systems, and this is particularly the case when filters are(More)