Zhen-Fei Liu

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Transport through an Anderson junction (two macroscopic electrodes coupled to an Anderson impurity) is dominated by a Kondo peak in the spectral function at zero temperature. We show that the single-particle Kohn-Sham potential of density-functional theory reproduces the linear transport, despite the lack of a Kondo peak in its spectral function. Using(More)
A key quantity for molecule-metal interfaces is the energy level alignment of molecular electronic states with the metallic Fermi level. We develop and apply an efficient theoretical method, based on density functional theory (DFT) that can yield quantitatively accurate energy level alignment information for physisorbed metal-molecule interfaces. The method(More)
Rigidizable-Inflatable (RI) materials offer the possibility of de-ployable large space structures (C. and so are of interest in applications where large optical or RF apertures are needed. In particular, in recent years there has been renewed interest in inflatable-rigidizable truss-structures because of the efficiency they offer in packaging during(More)
We report some results of an ongoing research related to a model consisting of an assembly of two beams, coupled to a simple joint through two legs. The motivation for this problem comes from the need to simulate the dynamic behavior of the next generation of inflatable/rigidizable space structures and to accurately account for damping and joint effects. We(More)
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