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Penibruguieramine A, a novel pyrrolizidine alkaloid from the endophytic fungus Penicillium sp. GD6 associated with Chinese mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza.
The absolute configuration of penibruguieramine A was established by TDDFT ECD calculations of the vacuum and solution conformers, exploiting the transitions of the lactam chromophore.
Four phragmalin orthoesters from the Chinese mangrove Xylocarpus granatum.
Four new 8,9,30-phragmalin orthoesters (1-4), along with six related known compounds, namely xyloccensins O-S (5-9) and V (10), were isolated and characterized from the twigs and leaves of the
Penibruguieramine A, a Novel Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid from the Endophytic Fungus Penicillium sp. GD6 Associated with Chinese Mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza.
The isolation, structure elucidation and biosynthetic pathway of the title compound are described.
A New Cyclic Peptide and a New Steroid from the Fungus Penicillium sp. GD6 Isolated from the Mangrove Bruguiera gymnorrhiza
A rare new cyclic tetrapeptide, 5,5′-epoxy-MKN-349A (1), featured by a MKN-349A (5) skeleton and containing an uncommon ether bridge between C(5) and C(5′), and a new steroid, named