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Spray-freeze-drying (SFD) of oleanolic acid (OA), a BCS Class IV compound, with polyvinylpyrrolidone-40 (PVP-40) as stabilizer and sodium caprate (SC) as wetting agent and penetration enhancer produced kinetically stable, amorphous solid dispersion systems with superior in vitro dissolution performance, and better and more uniform absorption in comparison(More)
SnS₂/SnO₂ nanocomposites with tunable SnO₂ contents were prepared via in situ hydrothermal oxidation of SnS₂ nanoparticles in 0.375-4.5 mass% H₂O₂ aqueous solutions at 180 °C for 0-12 h. The structure, composition and optical properties of the as-prepared SnS₂/SnO₂ nanocomposites were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy,(More)
With the fast development of cloud technologies, cloud-based operating systems are becoming increasingly popular, while several enterprise products, such as Chrome OS and SUNDE, are released continuously. According to the way of usage, the existing cloud-based operating systems can be divided into two categories: browser-driven operating system and(More)
Recently, a combination of chemotherapy with photothermal therapy (PTT) has received great attention for the construction of a near infrared (NIR)-controlled drug-delivery system for synergistic treatment of cancer, ultimately resulting in the enhancement of the therapeutic efficacy of anticancer drugs. Here, we developed a novel system for synergistic(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate by dissolution profiles mapping five extemporaneous oral itraconazole suspensions reported in the literature. Dissolution profiles of the extemporaneous oral itraconazole preparations were mapped and correlated with their reported clinical data therein. Four out of five extemporaneous preparations had either too(More)
By using polyethylenimine molecules as the linker, l-cysteine was immobilized onto graphene nanosheets, endowing the biocompatible l-cysteine-functionalized graphene film with the ability for catalytic decomposition of exogenous or endogenous donors to generate nitric oxide, and thus inhibiting the platelet activation and aggregation and reducing platelet(More)
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