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The set point of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is usually given by the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) model. However, the individual differences in thermal preference often incur dissatisfactions in a group, which indicates that the PMV model may have bias in predicting the thermal comfort for a group of occupants. It has great(More)
Building Automation Systems (BASs) have been developed to provide a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient indoor environment for households. A tremendous volume and enormous variety of building data are collected and stored in BASs. However, these data could not be completely utilized by traditional data analytics due to the huge volume and heterogeneous(More)
In this showcase, a satisfaction based group comfort control system is introduced based on our previous work. The key feature of this system is that the occupant perception of the indoor thermal environment is used as feedback signal to the control system in for a group of occupants in office buildings.
Single Family type Distributed Heating (SFDH) has a tendency of increase in residential buildings because of its low initial and maintenance cost, suitability to building occupancy and house sale situations, and less energy consumption compared with district heating. Further, the SFDH system can achieve better thermal environment control by considering the(More)
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