Zhejun Fang

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This paper presents a trust-based model for secure network admission and trustworthy routing. Firstly, a dynamic routing trust model based on trust relationship and routing behaviors is brought forward. The model not only supports trust network connection, but also gives a comprehensive assessment to the network security and efficiency affected by router(More)
Input validation vulnerabilities are common in Android apps, especially in inter-component communications. Malicious attacks can exploit this kind of vulnerability to bypass Android security mechanism and compromise the integrity, confidentiality and availability of Android devices. However, so far there is not a sound approach at the source code level for(More)
Logic vulnerabilities occur when mistakes arise in the control flow associated to critical functionalities. We propose a lightweight static analysis approach to detect logic vulnerabilities in Java Web applications. The core idea of our approach is to discover deviant behaviors among duplication samples. Program slicing technique is leveraged to extract(More)
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