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The feature-frequency technique based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed to diagnose the gear faults of wind turbine. Discrete wavelet decomposition to the vibration acceleration signal, combined with the analysis of energy distribution in different frequency band, is applied to determine the characteristic frequency band of the fault, and then(More)
In recent years, much research effort has been made aiming to alleviate and smooth the power fluctuation induced by the wind farm due to its intermittent nature. The integration of hybrid energy storage system (HESS) including battery energy storage system (BESS) and super-capacitors energy storage system (SCESS) has been considered one of the appropriate(More)
The special characteristics of slowly moving infrared targets, such as containing only a few pixels, shapeless edge, low signal-to-clutter ratio, and low speed, make their detection rather difficult, especially when immersed in complex backgrounds. To cope with this problem, we propose an effective infrared target detection algorithm based on temporal(More)
For a Microgrid (MG) with cooling, heating, electricity coordinated supply to satisfy its end customers' multi energy-type demands, a day-ahead coordinated scheduling model is developed. In the model, the objective for achieving the economy of MG owner, and the constraints for the multi-energy supply and demand balances and energy devices characteristics(More)
The measurement and analysis of power quality for grid-connected offshore wind farm is one of the key issues. This paper attempts to address this technical challenge through a simulation-based study by the use of PSCAD/EMTDC models. We consider an equivalent model with 50MW capacity for offshore wind farm consisting of 10 doubly fed induction generators(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of stability for recurrent neural networks with time-delay. By choosing a new class of Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, some new delay-dependent stability criteria are derived in terms of linear matrix inequalities. The obtained results are less conservative than the existing ones because of the introducing of the(More)
This work aims to carry out an assessment of power quality at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) in the scenario of offshore wind farm integrated into the power network whilst reduce the impact of index discrepancy and uncertainty. We acquire the judgmental matrix by using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and obtain the index weights for power quality(More)
This paper deals with the absolute stability analysis for Lur'e system with interval time-delay and norm bounded parameter uncertainties. By constructing the Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, which is utilized the full lower and upper bound information of time-delay, some new delay-dependent robust stability criteria are obtained in terms of linear matrix(More)