Zhe-sheng Wang

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Sodium gradient-dependent 45Ca2+ transport occurred across the lens membrane both in the direction of Ca2+ uptake by inside-out vesicles and Ca2+ efflux after Ca2+ loading of right-side-out vesicles. Using the calcium ionophore, A23187, greater than 90% of the Na+ gradient-dependent Ca2+ uptake was estimated to be free Ca2+. A normal Na+ gradient was also(More)
Calcium permeability was significantly increased in lenses from rats 36 h following a single injection of a cataractogenic dose of sodium selenite (30 nmol/g body weight) and this permeability returned to control values by 72 h post-injection (PI). The greater Ca2+ permeability could be partially reversed by incubating lenses in medium containing 2 mM(More)
A single subcutaneous dose of 30 nmol of sodium selenite per gram of body weight in 13-day-old rats resulted in posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC) after 24 hr and bilateral nuclear cataracts at 72-96 hr. Within 24 hr of treatment, a 60% decrease in lens glutathione was seen. A loss of calcium homeostasis observed by 48 hr resulted in increased lens(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the allograft antigenicity of human ear cartilage and the effect of the cell extraction on antigenicity. METHODS The human ear cartilage was acellular by cell extraction with Triton X-100. Then the cartilage and the acellular cartilage were analyzed by anti-MHC-I immunohistochemical staining, the reaction of the peripheral blood(More)
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