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ERP implementation issues have been given much attention since two decades ago due to its low implementation success. Nearly 90 percent of ERP implementations are late or over budget [16] and the success rate with ERP implementation is about 33%. In China, the success rate of implementing ERP systems is extremely low at 10% [28] which is much lower than(More)
The biogenesis of exosomes, small secreted vesicles involved in signalling processes, remains incompletely understood. Here, we report evidence that the syndecan heparan sulphate proteoglycans and their cytoplasmic adaptor syntenin control the formation of exosomes. Syntenin interacts directly with ALIX through LYPX(n)L motifs, similarly to retroviral(More)
Growing axons navigate by responding to chemical guidance cues. Here we report that growth cones of rat cerebellar axons in culture turned away from a gradient of SDF-1, a chemokine that attracts migrating leukocytes and cerebellar granule cells via a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). Similarly, Xenopus spinal growth cones turned away from a gradient of(More)
MapReduce offers an ease-of-use programming paradigm for processing large data sets, making it an attractive model for distributed volunteer computing systems. However, unlike on dedicated resources, where MapReduce has mostly been deployed, such volunteer computing systems have significantly higher rates of node unavailability. Furthermore, nodes are not(More)
Success of modern agriculture relies heavily on breeding of crops with maximal regional adaptability and yield potentials. A major limiting factor for crop cultivation is their flowering time, which is strongly regulated by day length (photoperiod) and temperature. Here we report identification and characterization of Days to heading 7 (DTH7), a major(More)
—Cloud computing centers face the key challenge of provisioning diverse virtual machine instances in an elastic and scalable manner. To address this challenge, we have performed an analysis of VM instance traces collected at six production data centers during four months. One key finding is that the number of instances created from the same VM image is(More)
Efforts to identify meaningful functional imaging-based biomarkers are limited by the ability to reliably characterize inter-individual differences in human brain function. Although a growing number of connectomics-based measures are reported to have moderate to high test-retest reliability, the variability in data acquisition, experimental designs, and(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The risk of pancreatic cancer is increased in patients with a strong family history of pancreatic cancer or a predisposing germline mutation. Screening can detect curable, noninvasive pancreatic neoplasms, but the optimal imaging approach is not known. We determined the baseline prevalence and characteristics of pancreatic abnormalities(More)
The plasma membrane (PM) serves as the point of contact between cells and the outside environment. As such, changes in the PM proteome are an important component of understanding cellular responses to a diverse array of stimuli. However, intricate sample handling to enrich PM proteomes by traditional methods is both technically challenging and time(More)