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Critical success factors of enterprise resource planning systems implementation success in China
ERP implementation issues have been given much attention since two decades ago due to its low implementation success. Nearly 90 percent of ERP implementations are late or over budget (Martin, 1998)Expand
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Frequent detection of pancreatic lesions in asymptomatic high-risk individuals.
BACKGROUND & AIMS The risk of pancreatic cancer is increased in patients with a strong family history of pancreatic cancer or a predisposing germline mutation. Screening can detect curable,Expand
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Transcriptional Dysregulation in NIPBL and Cohesin Mutant Human Cells
Genome-wide studies using cells from patients with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome reveal a role for cohesin in regulating gene expression in human cells.
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DelPhi: a comprehensive suite for DelPhi software and associated resources
BackgroundAccurate modeling of electrostatic potential and corresponding energies becomes increasingly important for understanding properties of biological macromolecules and their complexes.Expand
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VDN: Virtual machine image distribution network for cloud data centers
Cloud computing centers face the key challenge of provisioning diverse virtual machine instances in an elastic and scalable manner. To address this challenge, we have performed an analysis of VMExpand
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MOON: MapReduce On Opportunistic eNvironments
MapReduce offers an ease-of-use programming paradigm for processing large data sets, making it an attractive model for distributed volunteer computing systems. However, unlike on dedicated resources,Expand
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Best Linear Unbiased Prediction of Genomic Breeding Values Using a Trait-Specific Marker-Derived Relationship Matrix
Background With the availability of high density whole-genome single nucleotide polymorphism chips, genomic selection has become a promising method to estimate genetic merit with potentially highExpand
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An open science resource for establishing reliability and reproducibility in functional connectomics
Efforts to identify meaningful functional imaging-based biomarkers are limited by the ability to reliably characterize inter-individual differences in human brain function. Although a growing numberExpand
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Spermine Oxidase SMO(PAOh1), Not N1-Acetylpolyamine Oxidase PAO, Is the Primary Source of Cytotoxic H2O2 in Polyamine Analogue-treated Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines*
The induction of polyamine catabolism and its production of H2O2 have been implicated in the response to specific antitumor polyamine analogues. The original hypothesis was that analogue induction ofExpand
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Improving the Accuracy of Whole Genome Prediction for Complex Traits Using the Results of Genome Wide Association Studies
Utilizing the whole genomic variation of complex traits to predict the yet-to-be observed phenotypes or unobserved genetic values via whole genome prediction (WGP) and to infer the underlying geneticExpand
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