Zhe-Yi Zhao

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This paper presents a novel automatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma segmentation approach used in magnetic resonance images. Adaptive calculation of the nasopharyngeal region location is first performed. The contour of the tumor is determined through distance regularized level set evolution with the initial contour obtained by the nearest neighbor graph model.(More)
Music sharing is one of the most important components in interactive entertainment. In recent years, mobile music market has experienced a rapid growth. Current mainstream music sharing platforms provide users with a large number of online music, which however suffer some limitations of functionality since they neglect the interactions in the physical(More)
Real-time detection of gait events can be applied as a reliable input to control drop foot correction devices and lower-limb prostheses. Among the different sensors used to acquire the signals associated with walking for gait event detection, the accelerometer is considered as a preferable sensor due to its convenience of use, small size, low cost,(More)
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