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Observation of a many-body dynamical phase transition with a 53-qubit quantum simulator
Here, a quantum simulator composed of up to 53 qubits is used to study non-equilibrium dynamics in the transverse-field Ising model with long-range interactions, enabling the dynamical phase transition to be probed directly and revealing computationally intractable features that rely on the long- range interactions and high connectivity between qubits.
Non-local propagation of correlations in quantum systems with long-range interactions
This work applies a variable-range Ising spin chain Hamiltonian and aVariable-range XY spin chainHamiltonian to a far-from-equilibrium quantum many-body system and observes its time evolution, determining the spatial and time-dependent correlations, extracting the shape of the light cone and measuring the velocity with which correlations propagate through the system.
Robust quantum state transfer in random unpolarized spin chains.
It is demonstrated that coherent quantum coupling between remote qubits can be achieved via certain classes of random, unpolarized (infinite temperature) spin chains through a new approach to quantum state transfer between remote spin qubits.
Space-time crystals of trapped ions.
The proposed space-time crystals of trapped ions provide a new dimension for exploring many-body physics and emerging properties of matter and are robust for direct experimental observation.
Nearly linear light cones in long-range interacting quantum systems.
This work rules out the possibility that light cones of power-law interacting systems are bounded by a polynomial for α>2D and become linear as α→∞, suggesting that the velocity, as calculated from the slope of the light cone, may grow exponentially in time.
Continuous Symmetry Breaking in 1D Long-Range Interacting Quantum Systems.
A long-range interacting spin chain with U(1) symmetry and power-law interactions V(r)∼1/r^{α) is studied, finding CSB for α smaller than a critical exponent α_{c}(≤3) that depends on the microscopic parameters of the model.
Temperature-driven structural phase transition for trapped ions and a proposal for its experimental detection.
A finite-temperature phase diagram is determined for trapped ions using the renormalization group method and the path integral formalism and an experimental scheme is proposed to observe the predicted temperature-driven structural phase transition, which is well within the reach of the current ion trap technology.
Asymmetric Particle Transport and Light-Cone Dynamics Induced by Anyonic Statistics.
The nonequilibrium dynamics of Abelian anyons in a one-dimensional system is studied and it is shown that anyonic statistics induces asymmetric spreading of quantum information, characterized by asymmetric light cones of out-of-time-ordered correlators.
Non-local propagation of correlations in long-range interacting quantum systems
The maximum speed with which information can propagate in a quantum many-body system directly affects how quickly disparate parts of the system can become correlated [1–4] and how difficult the
Optimal quantum control of multimode couplings between trapped ion qubits for scalable entanglement.
This work demonstrates entangling quantum gates within a chain of five trapped ion qubits by optimally shaping optical fields that couple to multiple collective modes of motion and enables high-fidelity gates that can be scaled to larger qubit registers for quantum computation and simulation.