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Context-aware computing is an emerging computing paradigm that can provide new or improved services by exploiting user context information. In this paper, we present a wireless-local-area-network-based (WLAN-based) indoor positioning technology. The wireless device deploys a position-determination model to gather location information from collected WLAN(More)
—Recently, there are many research interests in providing efficient and scalable multimedia distribution service. However, stringent quality-of-service (QoS) requirements for media distribution, as well as dynamically changing and heterogeneous network capacity in today's best effort Internet, bring many challenges. In this paper, we introduce a novel(More)
— Application-layer multicast (ALM), as alternative to IP multicast, provides group communication without the need for network infrastructure support. To improve the reliability of ALM service, path diversity has been studied and two schemes to construct diverse paths for hosts are proposed. One is the random multicast forest (RMF) and the other is(More)
Multimedia proxy plays an important role in multimedia streaming over wireless Internet. Since wireless network exhibits different characteristics from the Internet, multimedia proxy caching over wireless Internet faces additional challenges. In this paper, we present a study of cache replacement for single server and server selection for multiple servers(More)
With the fast development of Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Renren, Facebook, etc., Social Network Analysis (SNA) is becoming a hot research area. However, considering a typical SNS consists of millions to tens of millions of ultra-large-scale data sets, how to deal with such large-scale Social Network (SN) data sets becomes a great challenge for(More)
1-Multimedia proxy plays an important role in media streaming applications. In this paper, we propose an architecture for multimedia proxy across wireless Internet. By considering multiple objectives of multimedia proxy, we design a unified cost metric to measure proxy performance in wireless Internet. Furthermore, we propose a cost-based replacement policy(More)
Constructing indoor radio maps plays an important role in many services and applications, such as wireless base station planning. We propose a hybrid approach to constructing indoor radio maps by developing a novel indoor signal propagation model, called the hidden environment model (HEM). The model is hybrid because it combines on-site measurements with a(More)
* Peer-to-peer based multimedia distribution service draws great attention in recent years. In order to improve system performance and provide high service availability, we propose a hierarchy replication strategy based on the topology-aware overlay, which can achieve the scalable and QoS-awareness. Specifically, we propose two distributed heuristic(More)
We develop the Kernel Multitask Latent Analysis (KMLA) method for modeling many-to-many relationships between inputs and responses, and show how it can be applied to inductive transfer problems in biosepa-rations. KMLA performs dimensionality reduction targeted towards a multitask loss function much like Kernel Partial Least Squares (KPLS). KPLS is limited(More)