Zhe-Xian Wan

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Let n q be the n-dimensional vector space over the finite field q and let Gn be one of the classical groups of degree n over q. Let be any orbit of subspaces under Gn. Denote by the set of subspaces which are intersections of subspaces in and assume the intersection of the empty set of subspaces of n q is n q itself. By ordering by ordinary or reverse(More)
The (isotropic) orthogonal graph O(2ν + δ, q) over Fq of odd characteristic, where ν 1 and δ = 0,1 or 2 is introduced. When ν = 1, O(2 · 1 + δ, q) is a complete graph. When ν 2, O(2ν + δ, q) is strongly regular and its parameters are computed, as well as its chromatic number. The automorphism groups of orthogonal graphs are also determined. © 2006 Elsevier(More)
The synthesis problem of multisequences of elements of a field <i>F</i> is studied. A new way of approximation by rational functions to multisequences is introduced. Different from the usual approach by optimal rational approximant profile, in the proposed strict optimal rational approximant of a multisequence, the components of the optimal rational(More)
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