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Mammals from the Age of Dinosaurs: Origins, Evolution, and Structure
FOREWORD, by J. A. Lillegraven and W. A. ClemensPROLOGUE1. Introduction2. Distribution: Mesozoic Mammals in Space and Time3. Origin of Mammals4. The Earliest-Known Stem Mammals5. Docodontans6.Expand
The earliest-known duck-billed dinosaur from deposits of late Early Cretaceous age in northwest China and hadrosaur evolution
A new dinosaur of Early Cretaceous age was recently discovered in the Gobi Desert of northwest China. It is more closely related to Late Cretaceous hadrosaurids than to Early CretaceousExpand
Mammals from the age of dinosaurs
Mammals from the age of dinosaurs , Mammals from the age of dinosaurs , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
A New Protocetid Whale (Cetacea: Archaeoceti) from the Late Middle Eocene of South Carolina
Abstract A new genus and species of protocetid cetacean, Carolinacetus gingerichi, is described from a partial skull, the posterior portion of both dentaries, 13 vertebrae, and elements of 15 ribsExpand
Abstract We provide a review of dental replacement features in stem clades of mammals and an hypothetical outline for the evolution of replacement frequency, mode, and sequence in early mammalianExpand
Evolutionary Origins of The Mammalian Promontorium and Cochlea
ABSTRACT Mammals have two apomorphies in the ear region: an elongated cochlear canal and an eminence on the tympanic side of the cochlear housing, known as the petrosal promontorium. In nonmammalianExpand
Biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of the dinosaur-bearing sediments in Lower Cretaceous of Mazongshan area, Gansu Province, China
This paper discusses the lithostratigraphy of the Xinminbao Group in the Mazongshan area of Gansu Province, northwestern China, and the correlation of its biota. The Xinminbao Group was deposited inExpand
The petrosal and inner ear of the Late Jurassic cladotherian mammal Dryolestes leiriensis and implications for ear evolution in therian mammals
Dryolestes leiriensis is a Late Jurassic fossil mammal of the dryolestoid superfamily in the cladotherian clade that includes the extant marsupials and placentals. We used high resolutionExpand
Adelobasileus from the Upper Triassic of West Texas: the oldest mammal
ABSTRACT Adelobasileus cromptoni Lucas and Hunt, 1990 is based on an incomplete skull from the lower part of the Tecovas Member of the Dockum Formation near Kalgary, Crosby County, Texas. Its age isExpand
Transformation of the quadrate (incus) through the transition from non-mammalian cynodonts to mammals
ABSTRACT The quadrate (incus) bone underwent important evolutionary transformations through the cynodont-mammal transition. The following character transformations played crucial roles in modifyingExpand