Zhe Wendy Wang

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Regulated intramembrane proteolysis by members of the site-2 protease (S2P) family is an important signaling mechanism conserved from bacteria to humans. Here we report the crystal structure of the transmembrane core domain of an S2P metalloprotease from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii. The protease consists of six transmembrane segments, with the catalytic(More)
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Seismic/ultrasonic methods can be successfully used in condition assessment of bridge decks by evaluating changes in material characteristics and detection of development of defects and zones of deterioration. The impact echo method is of special benefit in evaluation of corrosion induced deck delamination due to its nondestructive nature and ability to(More)
Motivated by the technical and economic difficulties in further miniaturizing silicon-based transistors with the present fabrication technologies, there is a strong effort to develop alternative electronic devices, based, for example, on single molecules. Recently, carbon nanotubes have been successfully used for nanometre-sized devices such as diodes,(More)
In all domains of life, selenocysteine (Sec) is delivered to the ribosome by selenocysteine-specific tRNA (tRNA(Sec)) with the help of a specialized translation factor, SelB in bacteria. Sec-tRNA(Sec) recodes a UGA stop codon next to a downstream mRNA stem-loop. Here we present the structures of six intermediates on the pathway of UGA recoding in(More)
— Assessment of blood flow velocity in Doppler images is of great importance in clinical studies and research. From the Doppler waveform envelope, numerous indices can be obtained, such as the pulsatility index, resistance index, and systolic/diastolic ratio, as well as acceleration of the blood through valves. The evaluation for the Doppler images is(More)
— Accurate assessment of the quality of concrete bridge decks and identification of corrosion induced delami-nation leads to economic management of bridge decks. It has been demonstrated that ground penetrating radar (GPR) can be successfully used for such purposes. The growing demand on GPR has brought into the challenge of developing automatic processes(More)
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