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Pectinase and sclerotium production by strains ofAspergillus flavus were determined with a pectinase culture plate assay and a Cz 3% NaNO3 medium plate assay. In theA. flavus population, 51% of isolates produced sclerotia, the toxigenic strains showing a tendency to have smaller sclerotia. Strains producing both abundant small sclerotia and a large quantity(More)
The COP9 signalosome (CSN) plays important roles in multifaceted cellular processes. Study has shown that inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6 kinase (5/6 kinase) interacts with CSN in mammalian cells. However, the biological function of the interaction still remains unknown. Here, we report that the Arabidopsis inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6 kinase(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce diagnosis and treatment of the metacarpophalangeal joint (MPJ) locking caused by sesamoid turned-over dislocation of the thumb. METHODS Five cases with metacarpophalangeal joint locking were involved in the study, male 4 and female 1. The average age was 35 years old(ranging from 18 to 47 years). All the patients received manual(More)
According to the temporal and dynamic characteristics of emergency knowledge, the paper, on the basis of the traditional knowledge representation model, proposes a model of emergency knowledge representation, which is “emergency conception ontology + temporal logic + process template”, to solve the problem of emergency knowledge digitization.(More)
Traditional intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearings work well only under a common assumption that the labeled training data (source domain) and unlabeled testing data (target domain) are drawn from the same distribution. However, many real recognitions of bearing faults show disobedience of this assumption, especially when the working condition(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the results of thumb opposition function by transferring the extensor carpi ulnaris and the extensor pollicis brevis muscle tendons. METHODS Between March 2006 and August 2009, 35 patients with dysfunction of thumb opposition were treated and the thumb opposition function was reconstructed by transferring the extensor carpi ulnaris(More)
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