Zhe Ren

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—Due to its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the ability to support mobility, wireless connectivity is seen today as a key enabler for a wide range of applications beyond classical mobile communications. A significant part of these applications depends on the capability of the wireless communication system to provide reliable connectivity. However, due to(More)
—The handover (HO) performance of a user in wireless cellular networks depends on HO parameters and context such as user position and velocity. We propose a novel HO optimization approach for high-mobility users aided by vehicle-mounted relay. By exploiting the learned or predicted context information obtained at the relay, we derive closed-form expressions(More)
—Modern vehicles will have strong requirements with regard to seamless mobility support in future cellular systems, in order to enable advanced cooperative driver assistance and infotainment systems that guarantee traffic safety and efficiency. In this work, we introduce street-specific handover parameters for vehicular terminals. In particular, we propose(More)
—In this paper, we consider the problem of finding the feature correspondences among a collection of feature sets, by using their point-wise unary features. This is a fundamental problem in computer vision and pattern recognition, which also closely relates to other areas such as operational research. Different from two-set matching which can be transformed(More)