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Collagen polypeptides were prepared from cod skin. Moisture absorption and retention properties of collagen polypeptides were determined at different relative humidities. In addition, the protective effects of collagen polypeptide against UV-induced damage to mouse skin were evaluated. Collagen polypeptides had good moisture absorption and retention(More)
Titan's atmospheric chemistry modeling is presently limited by the lack of knowledge about many reaction rate coefficients at low temperature (50-200 K). Considering the difficulty of measuring such data, the only way to improve this situation is to identify key reactions as the ones for which better estimations of reaction rates is guaranteed to have a(More)
Oxidation flow reactors (OFRs) containing low-pressure mercury (Hg) lamps that emit UV light at both 185 and 254 nm ("OFR185") to generate OH radicals and O3 are used in many areas of atmospheric science and in pollution control devices. The widely used potential aerosol mass (PAM) OFR was designed for studies on the formation and oxidation of secondary(More)
BACKGROUND Oriental people usually have a wide midface and a prominent zygoma. Reduction malarplasty is one of the most frequently requested procedures for improvement of the facial contour in the Orient. Some methods involve coronal or preauricular incision for osteotomy, but this increases the likelihood of skin scars and injury to facial nerves, and(More)
Vesicular glutamate transporter 3 (VGLUT3) plays an important role in hearing, and VGLUT3 knockout mice are deaf. However, the mechanisms whereby VGLUT3 exerts its effects in the cochlea are not well established. Elucidating the developmental and aging dynamics of VGLUT3 localization and expression in the cochlea would aid a functional understanding of(More)
To gain additional insight into how a birdsong is learned, we compared the songs of Bengalese finch males that were deafened early in development or raised without tutors to control finches that learned songs from adult models. Fewer note types and a more variable number of notes per bout were observed in untutored male songs, and no audible songs were(More)
Embedded systems are playing an increasingly important role in control engineering. Despite their popularity, embedded systems are generally subject to resource constraints and it is therefore difficult to build complex control systems on embedded platforms. Traditionally, the design and implementation of control systems are often separated, which causes(More)
OBJECTIVE This systematic review aimed to assess the effectiveness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) treatment for chronic tinnitus. Data Sources Relevant electronic databases and a reference list of articles published up to January 2012 were searched. Randomized controlled clinical trials of all types of rTMS treatment for patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the protective effects of natakalim against rat aortic vascular endothelial cells (RAVECs) injuries induced by hypoxia and its mechanisms. METHODS Selecting RAVECs as a cell model injured by hypoxia, these RAVECs were divided into 5 groups: i.e. control group, hypoxia group, natakalim low, medium and high group. The cell survival(More)
The benefit of offloading applications from smart-phones to cloud servers is undermined by the significant energy consumption in data transmission. Most previous approaches attempt to improve the energy efficiency only by choosing a more energy efficient network. However, we find that for computer vision applications, pre-processing the data before(More)