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In the pickup and delivery problem with time windows (PDPTW), vehicles have to transport loads from origins to destinations respecting capacity and time constraints. In this paper, we present a two-phase method to solve the PDPTW. In the first phase, we apply a novel construction heuris tics to generate an initial solution. In the second phase, a tabu(More)
SIMAIR is a C++ based research tool meant for the simulation of airline operations. It provides a means for devising and evaluating various airline recovery mechanisms to handle disruptions, and can also be used as a tool to evaluate the performance of a given schedule of operations. The performance of a given recovery mechanism can be quantified for(More)
This study focuses on the information extraction from reported sensor data in the communication system of wide-areasearch munitions (WASMs). Such sensor data could be erroneous and inconsistent. For example, two WASMs might detect the same target, but associate it with two different targets and tracks. Similarly, two WASMs might detect two distinct targets,(More)
This paper presents a redundant multicast routing problem in multilayer networks that arises from large-scale distribution of realtime multicast data (e.g., Internet TV, videocasting, online games, stock quotes). Since these multicast services commonly operate in multilayer networks, the communications paths need to be robust against a single router or link(More)