Zhe Hou

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Abstract separation logics are a family of extensions of Hoare logic for reasoning about programs that mutate memory. These logics are "abstract" because they are independent of any particular concrete memory model. Their assertion languages, called propositional abstract separation logics, extend the logic of (Boolean) Bunched Implications (BBI) in various(More)
We present a labelled sequent calculus for Boolean BI (BBI), a classical variant of the logic of Bunched Implication. The calculus is simple, sound, complete, and enjoys cut-elimination. We show that all the structural rules in the calculus, i.e., those rules that manipulate labels and ternary relations, can be localised around applications of certain(More)
Companies have to adhere to compliance requirements. The compliance analysis of business operations is typically a joint effort of business experts and compliance experts. Those experts need to create a common understanding of business processes to effectively conduct compliance management. In this paper, we present a technique that aims at supporting this(More)
This paper considers Reynolds's separation logic with all logical connectives but without arbitrary predicates. This logic is not recur-sively enumerable but is very useful in practice. We give a sound labelled sequent calculus for this logic. Using numerous examples, we illustrate the subtle deficiencies of several existing proof calculi for separation(More)
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