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Calmodulin (CaM) is a multifunctional receptor of intercellular Ca2+, which under different physiological conditions or at different developmental stages plays different roles in different tissues and cells. This study aimed to investigate the involvement of spatial expression and coexistence of CaM and actin in directed differentiation of rat cortical(More)
The selection window of selection algorithm used in traditional automatic focus window concentrates mainly on the center of image, so the randomly distributed cells would always be out of focus. To address this problem, on the basis of analyzing the performance of selection algorithm of different focusing windows, a modified auto-focus window algorithm upon(More)
BACKGROUND Our study aimed to investigate whether geometrical features (size, shape, or alignment parameters) of the femoral condyle affect the morphology of the trochlear groove. METHODS Computed tomography models of 195 femurs (97 and 98 knees from male and female subjects, respectively) were reconstructed into three-dimensional models and categorised(More)
Subalpine forest ecosystems influence global carbon cycling. However, little is known about the compositions of their soil microbial communities and how these may vary with soil environmental conditions. The goal of this study was to characterize the soil microbial communities in a subalpine forest watershed in central Montana (Stringer Creek Watershed(More)
In this paper, a new piezoelectric dynamic balance regulator, which can be used in motorised spindle systems, is presented. The dynamic balancing adjustment mechanism is driven by an in-plane bending vibration from an annular piezoelectric stator excited by a high-frequency sinusoidal input voltage. This device has different construction, characteristics(More)
In order to counterbalance the unfairness to rare class on using Support Vector Machine to credit assess for imbalanced dataset from commercial banks, an adjustment Method of the separating hyperplane is proposed in the paper. Based on Fisher discrimination, the projected class mean and variance are got by projecting two classes samples onto the normal(More)
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