Zhe-Cheng Fan

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With the explosive growth of audio music everywhere over the Internet, it is becoming more important to be able to classify or retrieve audio music based on their key components, such as vocal pitch for common popular music. This paper proposes a novel and effective two-stage approach to singing pitch extraction, which involves singing voice separation and(More)
A new algorithm is proposed for robust principal component analysis with predefined sparsity patterns. The algorithm is then applied to separate the singing voice from the instrumental accompaniment using vocal activity information. To evaluate its performance, we construct a new publicly available iKala dataset that features longer durations and higher(More)
This paper presents a novel VLSI architecture for the training of radial basis function (RBF) networks. The architecture contains the circuits for fuzzy C-means (FCM) and the recursive Least Mean Square (LMS) operations. The FCM circuit is designed for the training of centers in the hidden layer of the RBF network. The recursive LMS circuit is adopted for(More)
We propose a novel neural network model for music signal processing using vector product neurons and dimensionality transformations. Here, the inputs are first mapped from real values into three-dimensional vectors then fed into a threedimensional vector product neural network where the inputs, outputs, and weights are all three-dimensional values. Next,(More)
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