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Performance evaluation of a file repair procedure based on a combination of MBMS and unicast bearers
We propose a new file repair scheme that combines point-to-multipoint (PTM) file repair transmission with a point- to-point (PTP)file repair procedure, and then proposed a novel file repair procedure. Expand
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Survey on Web Image Content-Based Filtering Technology
To prevent the spread of pornographic image and video on internet, a survey on web image content-based filtering technology. Expand
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Particle Filter Object Tracking Based on Multiple Cues Fusion
Abstract In this paper, a measurement model of particle filter based on multiple cues fusion is presented. Firstly, color histogram and motion information histogram are built respectively viaExpand
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A Method of Building Chinese Basic Semantic Lexicon Based on Word Similarity
A dictionary with basic Chinese emotional words has been constructed based on the HowNet semantic lexicon to identify sentiment orientation in Chinese text. Expand
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Robust Visual Tracking via Fuzzy Kernel Representation
A r obust v isual k ernel t racking approach is presented for solving the problem of existing background pixels in object model. Expand
Kernel Tracking Approach Based on Fuzzy Kernel Histogram
In kernel tracking, background pixels in object model will induce localization error of object tracking, so we present a kernel tracking approach based on fuzzy kernel histogram in this paper. AtExpand