Zhaoyao Zhou

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Contact detection is a general problem of many physical simulations. This work presents a O(N) multigrid method for general contact detection problems (MGCD). The multigrid idea is integrated with contact detection problems. Both the time complexity and memory consumption of the MGCD are O(N). Unlike other methods, whose efficiencies are influenced strongly(More)
Powder metallurgy (P/M) technique is usually used for manufacturing porous metal materials. However, some P/M materials are limitedly used in engineering for their performance deficiency. A novel 304 stainless steel P/M material was produced by a solid-state sintering of 304 stainless steel powders and 304 short stainless steel fibers, which were(More)
A self-developed rotary multi-cutter device cuts stainless steel wire ropes into segments to fabricate twisted wires. Stainless steel porous twisted wire materials (PTWMs) with a spatial composite intertexture structure are produced by the compaction and subsequent vacuum solid-phase sintering of twisted wires. The stainless steel PTWMs show two types of(More)
Metal powder compaction is a quite important process in powder metallurgy (PM) industry and it is widely applied in the manufacturing of key components in different fields. The numerical simulation based on the finite element method (FEM) provides a flexible and efficient approach for the researches of this process and its complicated mechanical behaviors.(More)
Surface treatment is an important aspect of all manufacturing processes to impart special physical, mechanical properties. Burnishing process is a post-machining operation in which the surface irregularities of workpiece are compressed by the application of a ball, which produces a smooth compact surface and simultaneously induces compressive residual(More)
Burnishing is a mechanical surface enhancement technique by inducing plastic deformation in component’s surface to provide a good surface finish as well as hardened layer in the near surface. Ultrasonic Vibration Burnishing (UVB) is an advanced form by combining the advantages of processing continuity with larger force of burnishing and dynamic impact(More)
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