Zhaoyang Yang

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Icariin, the main active compound of the traditional Chinese medicine, Epimedium, is commonly used for the clinical treatment of osteoporosis. However, the precise molecular mechanism of the therapeutic effect of icariin has not been elucidated. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of icariin on cell viability, alkaline phosphatase (ALP)(More)
In this paper, we propose a deep reinforcement learning algorithm to learn multiple tasks concurrently. A new network architecture is proposed in the algorithm which reduces the number of parameters needed by more than 75% per task compared to typical single-task deep reinforcement learning algorithms. The proposed algorithm and network fuse images with(More)
BACKGROUND Morphine has been widely used as a clinical anesthetic and analgesic. However, abuse of morphine might result in psychological and physiological dependence. Previous studies have indicated that memory mechanisms play critical roles in morphine dependence. METHODS Morphine dependence was established in mice utilizing place preference(More)
Telomeres are protective chromosomal structures that play a key role in preserving genomic stability. Telomere length is known to be associated with ageing and age-related diseases. To study the impairment of telomeres induced by drug abuse, we conducted an association study in the Chinese Han population. Multivariate linear regression analyses were(More)
BACKGROUND As we known, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps to prevent the relapse of drug addiction. However, the scientific basis of TCM remains unclear because of limitations of current reductionist approaches. We aimed to explore the possible mechanism of how ANKK1 TaqIA (A1/A2) [rs1800497(T/C)] affects the relapse of opioid addiction on the(More)
Quercetin (a natural polyphenolic compound) is a polyphenolic flavonoid compound found in a variety of plants. It has been demonstrated to exert cytostatic activity against a variety of human cancer cell lines, including the human osteosarcoma cell line, MG-63. However, its effects on osteosarcoma cell apoptosis are still undefined. The present study was(More)
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